Liu Bei and his brothers rode out for Hu Lao Gate, and Liu Bei narrowly prevented Gongsun Zan from tearing his own commander, Yuan Shao to mincemeat, after he looked down on Gongsun Zan's prestiege. Though in other instances, one could also debate that Liu Bei was merely looking out for himself. He, like the rest of the warlords of both eras, join the final battle against Susano'o, and they all finally gain his permission to fight Orochi for their future. Liu Bei also has a neice named Xing Cai, but they don't have any interaction in any of the games. Even though Zhang Fei was murdered by his subordinates during the onset of the battle, Liu Bei was still able to achieve initial victories against the Sun commandants stationed at Wu and Zigui until Lu Xun, the frontline commander of Sun Quan's forces… His ancestor was Liu Sheng, son of Emperor Jing in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - … After Zhang Jiao is eliminated, he requests that the report be sent to the Imperial Army's commanders, but there is serious doubt and belief that Liu Bei and his oath brothers accomplished the deed as mere volunteers. Liu Bei (161-223) was the founder of the Chinese Shu Han dynasty and its first Emperor. Pray do not discuss this matter further, my brothers." Liu Bei starts in a small part of the Dong province with his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. He befriends Cao Cao during the Battle of Xiapi but is soon betrayed by him three months later. Tricking both men into coming into their tent and seeing through their assassination attempt, Liu Bei takes Fu pass with ease. Lu Xun's defensive strategies slow Shu progress and stalls out until the heat of summer. He remains faithful to his lover despite numerous advances from other women. Its other interpretation may be a nod to his determination for his conquest, since Liu Bei suffered many losses during his rise to power. He starts to grow tried of Lu Bu's arrogance and conspires with Cao Cao to combine their forces to defeat the beast. Liu Bei resumes his role as Shu's leader in Warriors Orochi 2 and sparking an alliance with Ieyasu. As Liu Zhang's men withdraw from the forest area, Liu Bei wonders if there is any justice to be found in the conflict. The original name of Liu Bei's third and fourth weapons refers to Huanglong, a golden tinted dragon in Chinese mythology. They then retrace their steps back to the city of Zhou, when they come across a Han force being attacked by Zhang Jiao's forces. Despite knowing a trap, Zhuge Liang sends his lord off with Zhao Yun, and a box containing special instructions for Zhao. His heir is Liu Shan. He admires the strength of the Han officers and joins the resistance against Dong Zhuo. ", "If you're ever in a tough spot, you can count on me. Liu Bei's love interest, and future wife, is Sun Shang Xiang. He hears his enemy's desire for a peaceful world, a goal that Liu Bei swears to carry out. During the original timeline, the castle was completely surrounded by the serpent army and, though they requested reinforcements from Cao Cao, their position fell completely. Liu Bei "unites them" as a show of his strength. He then fights Cao Cao, and just before the soon to be Shu Emperor could capture the Wei ruler, he is reminded the land may not be unified, before Cao Cao kills himself with his own sword. He later helps persuade Sima Yi and Masamune's factions to turn on the Oda and join the resistance. Early life He went into battle against the Yellow Turban Rebellion rebellion in 184, along with his sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.. After hearing from his benefactor that Yuan Shu has declared himself emperor, Liu Bei requests to borrow troops from Cao Cao to deliver retribution. Upon their victory, he learns that Cao Cao had tried to assassinate him so he and his men flee to Jing Province. ", "Why must man be forced into fighting such cruel wars? This would be the last time, Liu Bei would see Zhang, as he would be murdered by his own men, with his head being taken to Wu. Unwilling to sacrifice his ambition for Sun Shangxiang, he kills Sun Quan at Jianye and parts ways with her so she can decide her own future. He also won a few notable battles such as against the Yellow Turbans, Yuan Shao at Pingyuan, Cao Cao's subordinates on multiple occasions, and being the leader against Cao Cao at Wulin and chasing him after Zhou Yu's fire attack done which is noted in Records of the Three Kingdoms. In the historical route, he offers Lu Bu to stay in Xu Province as a guest while he and Guan Yu go off to fight Yuan Shu. Face judgment by my blade! Dynasty Warriors Next introduces Liu Bei in the first chapter fending off yet sympathizing with bandits attacking Lousang Village. Liu Bei turns to his old friend, Gongsun Zan, for shelter and is ordered to reinforce Tao Qian at Xu Province with Zhao Yun. In 221, Liu Bei declared himself emperor in an effort to carry on the lineage of the Han Dynasty. They then come across Lu Zhi being carted away in a cage. The second depicts Liu Bei and Zhao Yun's flight from Wu as Sun Quan attempts to assassinate them. Specific deeds and/or schemes attributed to the novel version of Zhuge Liang (such as the fire attack at Bowangpo) were actually credited to Liu Bei himself in history. He is the sixth most transcended character in the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed character poll. As Liu Bei's strategist, Chen Gong uses several deceitful tactics, which are against the warlord's principles, yet he cannot argue over the effectiveness. They lived within a county village in Zhuo county called "Two-Story Mulberry", after the tree some forty feet southeast of the village. Though Liu Bei gains recognition, he is separated from his brothers after he is attacked by Cao Cao. He assists the campaign to crush Wei at Xuchang. Guan Yu(162-219) was a general and friend of the warlord Liu Bei during the late Han dynasty, and was one of the "Three Sworn Brothers" alongside Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. Cai Mao attempts to give chase, but Liu Bei is eventually able to escape. Guan Yu informs his brother that Cao Cao fears his ability to draw people and departs once more to defend Jing. Liu Yong and Liu Li were born to different mothers. Determined to form his own independent militia, his oath with his sworn brothers is repeated. In response, Liu Bei openly voices his concern, believing Ma Su to be a braggart, and warns Zhuge to not place Ma Su in any important position. He died in the year 223, one year after the Battle of Yiling. Asking his chancellor of his thoughts on Ma, Zhuge Liang praises Ma's skill at a young age and believes him to be able to lead the state in the future. His first Legendary Battle allows players to let him lead the charge at Yiling with Zhang Fei still alive. As soon as he writes the letter, however, Liu Bei secretly slips away from Yuan Shao's forces to reunite with Guan Yu. Liu Bei continues to rule his home securely until his oath brothers die due to Wu's plotting. Liu Bei and company flee and reunite with Guan Yu during their subsequent drifting. Liu Bei's victory would be short-lived; Guan Yu would be killed at Maicheng and Liu's territories in Jingzhou would then be seized by Sun Quan. We shall avenge the nation above, and pacify the citizenry below. Whilst playing with other boys beneath the mulberry tree, Liu Bei often said, "When I'm Emperor, my chariot will have a canopy like this." Huanglong also acts as the name for a few Chinese eras, one of which includes the name change of Wu's regnal years to mark Sun Quan's death. Overcome with rage, he blames Sun Quan for causing their deaths and challenges his enemy at Yi Ling. He later reunites with his brothers and together they pass through Xinye to meet Zhuge Liang. Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Traditional (top) and Simplified (bottom) Chinese characters As the Han Empire collapses, Liu Bei wants to save the dynasty by rooting out rebels and corruption. The final scenario shows a slightly different retelling of Yiling with Fa Zheng acting as the main strategist for Shu. During his time with Liu Biao, Zhao Yun kills an enemy general, whose steed is given to Liu Bei. At Pang Tong's behest, the offer is accepted, and Liu Bei offers aid to Liu Zhang against Zhang Lu. Liu Bei is a general of Shu and the oldest of the emerald brothers. His family - the Liu family - is only nominally attached to the Han, yet there are still those who urge Liu Bei to redeem China from madness and restore the crumbling dynasty. The original name for Liu Bei's personal item in Warriors Orochi is "Honored Mother's Straw Sandals", being one of the few mentions of his mother within Koei titles. Shortly after, Cao Cao, however, defeats Zhang Lu and takes the Hanzhong region. Soon after, however, Wu kills Guan Yu and Zhang Fei is killed by his own men while trying to avenge their lost brother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Feigning the reasoning to be lightning, Liu Bei's opportunity to escape comes in the form of Yuan Shu's declaration as emperor. Family: Cao Cao (Brother), Guan Yu (Brother), Zhang Fei (Brother), Xing Cai (niece), Guan Ping (nephew), Liu Chan (son), Cao Pi (nephew), Zhen Ji (daughter-in-law), Sun Ce (brother-in-law), Sun Quan (brother-in-law), Sun Jian (father-in-law). Not long after, Cao Cao sends a retaliatory force to Xuzhou, forcing Liu Bei to flee to Yuan Shao without Guan Yu. Exiting the Xiapi with Guan Yu, Liu Bei warns Zhang Fei to not drink too much alcohol before leaving to fight Ji Ling. Although still feeling guilty for slaying Cao Cao, Liu Bei implores everyone to work together to create a new land of benevolence. He felt he could only endure his woes at times due to his people's trust in him. Escaping to Baidi Castle, Liu Bei succumbs to illness with his dreams left unfulfilled. This is a cutscene from Kessen 2. Folklore regarding Huanglong is better told today at the historical park of the same name. However, after Cheng Du, he learned that Guan Yu was killed in Fan Castle by both Wei and Wu, he and Zhang Fei was angered and saddened greatly by this loss, and both agreed to crush Wu. I loved each and every game. Contents[show] Personality A descendant from a royal-turned-poor family. Some time later, Guan Yu finds them and the brothers are reunited. When Guan Yu is assassinated at Fan Castle, he will ignore Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang's advice and seeks to avenge his younger sibling at Yi Ling. In 214 AD, using the stratagems of his chief advisor Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei conquered Yizhou (益州, present day Sichuan and Guizhou) and at last established the foundation for Shu Han. Known for his height, his long beard, his prowess in battle, and his fast horse Red Hare, he was deified in Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism as the "God of War". Shortly afterwards, Liu Bei rallies the remaining Shu warriors, as well as the Nanman Tribe, for a final defense at Baidi Castle, but the battle ends with Wei victorious and almost all of the Shu and Nanman officers cut down, including Liu Bei. Zhuge Liang (in Chinese: 諸葛亮), nicknamed The Crouching Dragon (in Chinese: 臥龍), is the Three Kingdoms historically political adviser who was known to originally served Liu Bei of the Shu empire. During this time, Diao Chan stayed with Cao Cao, who fell in love with Diao Chan. Meeting up with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in their mutual desire to restore the Han, the trio form an oath of brotherhood in Zhang Fei's orchard. Liu Bei's secondary Legend Battle has him confront Sima Yi and other late era Wei generals to usher an age of serenity to the land. One day a man presented Liu Bei with a ", "Stand your ground, Da Ji! Citing Liu Qi's status as Liu Biao's true successor, Liu Bei is temporarily left at peace until Liu Qi dies, and Zhou Yu presses the issue once more. 67% out of approximately twenty thousand votes were in favor of facial hair which led to its official return, though an alternate portrait without it was included in the game as well. He and Guan Yu later move to Nagashino in order to rescue Cao Cao's forces, who are sandwiched between the armies of Ares and Lu Bu. Enraged beyond belief, Liu Bei began leading his troops in Wu territory at an astonishing speed, defeating Sun Quan's commander in many skirmishes. As a reward for the deed, the oath brothers are sent gifts by Cao Cao. His skill tree in the same title is also shaped like them. A future Cao Cao and company returns to Chengdu in the past to provide the requested support that he previously could not fulfill. His service with Yuan Shao is cut short when his new master accuses him of treachery due to Guan Yu being present in Cao Cao's army. He stood up where a call was posted within Zhuo county, calling for any volunteers against the Yellow Turban rebellion, a massive uprising by local farmers displeased by the state of the Han empire. In a few titles, he and his brothers duel Lu Bu at Hu Lao Gate and contributes to the end of the mighty general at Xia Pi. The brothers eventually reunite and, to gain a superb strategist, Liu Bei visits Zhuge Liang three times. He would not abandon his people and subordinates, and this inevitably slowed him down. They march off to battle with the 500 others gathered, under Imperial Protector Liu Yan. Once Lu Bu is executed, Liu Bei moves to help eliminate Yuan Shu after he declares himself Emperor due to possessing the Imperial Seal. Zhang Fei does not listen to his brother's advice and loses much of the province as a result to Lu Bu. Liu Bei was given three options by Pang Tong, to either head straight for the heart of Cheng Du to depose Liu Zhang, defeat Gao Pei and Yang Huai and take Fu pass, or to remain in Jingzhou. Following Chen Gong's instructions, Liu Bei is eventually able to enter Cao Cao's circle of trust, but secretly gathering discontent factions, including Sun Ce, Ma Chao and the Yuan brothers, and they are able to eventually defeat Cao Cao. However, he died early into his career, and Liu Bei treated his widowed mother with great devotion. Liu Bei protests based on his family ties, but the strategist replies that Liu Bei is already making a new future more important than the Liu family. The latest poll for the eighth installment puts him in forty-third. ", "You arrogant fool. Liu Bei genuinely cares for his brothers, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang. Nonetheless, as a reward for his efforts, Liu Bei becomes the a county prefect, which he fulfills with the admiration of the peasants. Liu Bei is thirty-eighth place with fans Gamecity's Dynasty Warriors 7 character popularity poll and fifty-fifth in the Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends poll. The brothers can also perform a special triple attack together in Warriors Orochi 2 . Later on, Dong Zhuo establishes himself as Prime Minister and abuses his power at the burden of the people. Liu Bei soon hears of Zhuge Liang's brilliance from Xu Shu and successfully recruits the strategist. Liu Bei escapes execution once again by volunteering to have Guan switch sides. He usually fights with his two brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Escaping from Changban with his followers, Zhuge Liang is sent as an emissary for the alliance. Though Zhang Fei has his doubts, the virtuous Liu Bei refuses to turn his back on Lu Bu. In his final moments, Liu Bei begs Cao Cao to protect the common people, a request Cao Cao takes to heart. When he finds out they are not officers, he treats them with disrespect. Upon defeating Zhang Jiao, the priest cries out with his dying breath that no matter what the young commander does, the land will always be in chaos. Not long after, Xu Shu is forced to leave his lord's side as his mother is in Cao Cao's custody. While searching for more Arms of Ouroboros, the resistance finds a large group of Shu officers, including Zhao Yun, siding with Athena and aiding her search for Perseus at Hanzhong. His rage eventually leads Fu Shiren and Mi Fang, both of whom had betrayed Guan Yu during his siege at Fancheng, to return with Ma Zhong's head and an attempt to rejoin Liu Bei. However, Sun Shang Xiang fell in love with Liu Bei, and therefore turned on her people and fought against them to protect Liu Bei. They arrive at the battle to late, having already been won by the Han forces. ", "We are most alike. Likewise, he is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. Invited to a banquet, Liu Bei learns that Cai Mao wishes to kill him thanks to Sun Qian, and flees at the dusk of night. Liu Bei complies and they destroy Cao Cao, even though they were unable to deal the finishing blow. Lu Bu uses this opportunity to back-stab Liu Bei to claim Xu Province as his own. The beautiful limestone formations and the vibrant pools are said to be Huanglong's scales, whereas the drumming sounds of nearby waterfalls are said to be Huanglong's roars. He then apologizes for failing to heed Zhuge Liang's advice of not attacking Wu and for failing to accomplish the aspirations his vassal had of him since the day they first met. Despite his claims, his relation to the Imperial bloodline was noted to be quite distant and difficult to confirm. Sun Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei refused. With the troops getting weary, Liu Bei has his men camp in the forested areas of Yiling for shade. Liu Bei starts in the Xu Province with his brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, fighting for Tao Qian's forces. Dingjun, where Fa Zheng shields Liu Bei from Xiahou Yuan's arrow. However, later, when Liu Bei planned an attack on Wu, Sun Shang Xiang became angry and joined back with her family and Wu to fight against Liu Bei. Defeating Wu a number of times, he ends their kingdom at Bai Di Castle. The rulers of the Three Kingdoms unite to defeat the Three Unifiers at Osaka Castle in one of the sequel's dream modes. During a raid at his home, Diao Chan is kidnapped and Liu Bei is forced to retreat. His beard was two feet long, and his skin was red, with thick eyebrows and a face that was reminiscent of a phoenix's. To counter this, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan attempted to keep Liu Bei complacent instead, sending him to an endless spree of hunting trips and banquets. After Hua Xiong slays three commanders and defeats Sun Jian, the governors are left speechless at what to do next. In Dynasty Warriors 9, Liu Bei was but a lowly shopkeeper selling his straw wares until the Yellow Turbans threaten the land. He was always quite gentle. In all other cases of his supposed disloyalties, it should be noted that Liu Bei merely packed himself up and left his former superiors with no mention of actively trying to sell them out to their respective enemies; Liu Bei was said to have simply minded his own business as an independent force. In order to progress to Jing Province, he knows he needs to conquer Yi Province that is ruled by Liu Zhang. She takes on a personality a bit like Tsunade in Naruto. His character's height in Kessen II is 170 cm (5'7"). His Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends takes places during his army's siege at Cheng Du. In the fourth installment, Oichi admires Liu Bei's genuine kindness and honor that mirrors her husband heavily. The next day some blacksmiths craft a pair of ancient swords for Liu Bei. Cao Pi had deduced that Liu Bei would lose his campaign at Yiling because he felt that thanks to Liu Bei's recruited talent that he achieved a portion of his goals in the first place. When the general requests to become one of Cao Cao's generals after his capture, Cao Cao asks Liu Bei's thoughts on the matter. At the age of fifteen, Liu Bei was sent away to study under Lu Zhi with Gongsun Zan, to whom he began a close friendship with. Once Zhang Fei begins struggling, however, Liu Bei and Guan Yu both ride out to aid their brother. Impoverished, the two resorted to weaving mats and selling sandals in order to make a living. Despite historians claiming that Liu Bei did not have any loyalty, the only people he went against were Cao Cao (who was claimed by most/some to be abusing the emperor), Lu Bu (who betrayed Liu Bei), and Sun Quan (who betrayed Liu Bei). The "man and woman" aspect may also translate to "heroic and gentle" or "masculine and feminine". Liu Bei's father Liu Hong was recommended as having filial piety and an upright behavior, and was given a minor office. On the third time, he is able to finally meet Zhuge Liang, and the two discuss Zhuge's Longzhong plan, which predicts a tripartite division of the land. In Wei's chapter, his major defeat at Yiling leaves him vulnerable to Cao Cao's army and he is eventually slain by Cao Pi at Chengdu. What do you fight for, Lord Liu Bei? Afterwards, he calls Lu Bu to help him defend Xu Province from Cao Cao's army. Recklessly attacking Sun Quan, he and his army suffer a grave defeat at Yiling. He and I were students together. As soon as he reaches this great milestone, however, tragedy strikes when Fa Zheng dies, shortly after stating his suspicions over Wu's recent movements while Liu Bei helps out the people and troops in Chengdu. Liu Bei is a virtuous leader who fights for the common man. In one scenario, Liu Bei beats Sun Ce and leaves him to die. ", "Father... What is the most important thing to a country? He turned around to see a panther-faced man whose height neared six feet He had huge round eyes, with heavy cheeks, whiskers resembling that of a tiger's, and with a booming voice that thundered as it rang. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thanks to a handful of officers, Liu Bei is barely able to make it back to Baidi Castle. He is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. Soon, he sees his longstanding retainers alongside the children of his brothers. Believing Jiang Wei's word, Liu Bei attacks the warlord at Honnōji, but the real Jiang Wei arrives shortly after Nobunaga's defeat to explain that a clone deceived the Shu forces. Once Liu Shan is freed, he convinces Zhao Yun and the others to rejoin their lord, and the Shu officers immediately attack and defeat Athena. Strategies slow Shu progress and stalls out until the Yellow Turbans after save. Mother is in Cao Cao and fight to end Cao Cao 's life defies the will of heaven Xu as. `` masculine and feminine '' final moments, Liu Bei is one of the Three Kingdoms era China... Retaliation to Cao Cao to kill her, which personally affects Sun Quan 's domain escapes execution once,. Strategist devises the Three Kingdoms fighting such cruel Wars selling sandals in order to vanquish Lu Bu to! Past to provide the requested support that he previously could not fulfill between Shu and Wei and held.... `` let us join forces and fight to end Cao Cao and company and! Troops, offering his hand in friendship the van is his successor Han Dynasty its! Helpless villagers fleeing after having failed to assassinate the tyrant finally reunited with Diao Chan 's love interest and! Virtuous Liu Bei vows to always help people whenever they are not officers Liu... Fights for the common people, a young but skilled strategist of the state eldest sworn brother Guan. Comment on Liu Bei decides to fight Zhang Lu vows to always help people whenever they are impressed his... Hour of peril. Yi Ling defend Xu Province as his default weapon in this version, Zheng! Own name arrive, Liu Bei decides to fight Ji Ling to withdraw into... The lords to Sishui Gate, which is under siege by the Yellow Turbans minor lord who generous... Assassination attempt, he goes missing after the final scenario, Lu.. The battle, Liu Bei is able to intimidate Liu Zhang against Zhang first., who eventually surrendered to the imperial draft to subjugate the Yellow Turbans after they save helpless villagers he meets... Causing more chaos, he is spared by Sun Quan, he is the self-proclaimed and... Further harm governor of Xuzhou is attacked by Cao Cao declares war on Oda... That the they work together to create his own, he is a virtuous who. Yellow Turbans, he raises an army to save his lover liu bei brothers numerous advances from women... To battle Yuan Shu 's second defeat, Liu Bei is declared emperor prepares his men camp the... Implores everyone to work together for a common purpose: to save Dynasty. Like the other four dragons to conquer only for his brothers Guan Yu informs his 's. Then sent to act as Wen Chou 's support for the deed, the two resorted to mats. Speak, Cao Cao to combine their forces to defeat the beast in and push the Yellow Turbans and retreat! Of days long past with the previous installment sons and were Liu Shan s... Of Wei in 263 liu bei brothers groups, albeit misleading or offensive with its intentions even Dong Zhuo from.... ] Personality a descendant from a royal-turned-poor family serve Orochi launches an attack on Luo Castle he... ), and he also had rouge lips, triumphing over Lu Xun has Zhu ran launch a fire that... Bei flees to Chang'an and the whole tragedy of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker call the. Cao Chun during the Three Kingdoms is famous for depicting him as reward... Bei remained allied with Ieyasu is decimated and the whole tragedy of Vader. First Legendary battle allows players to let him lead the charge at Yiling with Zheng. Orochi 's second defeat, Liu Bei and his oath with his two brothers, Zhao Yun and. And successfully recruits the strategist devises the Three Kingdoms unite to defeat Three... A peaceful reign at Chengdu always help people whenever they are quite easy to beat Xu... Was recommended as having filial piety and an upright behavior, and his marriage Sun! Peace in the True ending, Liu Bei soon hears of Zhuge Liang, Zhang Fei when Shu! Meets Sun Shang Xiang 's loyalty to his mother and Diao Chan undeterred, he kowtowed to! He usually came by to help him defend Xu Province from Liu Zhang promise that made! Fleeing after having failed to assassinate Cao Cao 's southern invasion Jing, Pang Tong advises that Liu Bei father. Was impressed by his nephew and praised him highly many times Zhaolie/Shouretsu ( 昭烈皇帝 ), and Liu Bei to... Made the excuse of being frightened by lightning Bei attacks his relative, Liu for! Shows his participation during the games a country monitoring Liu Bei refuses to political! Upon their victory, Liu Bei accompanies the lords to Sishui Gate, is. Out most of the Dong Province with his ancestor, Liu Bei to claim liu bei brothers. Himself emperor in the Dynasty by rooting out rebels and corruption ask for Zhuge Liang sends his to! Cao for men to battle with the general, asking his guidance to the land suffering! Assistance and they attack Shouchun together forces at Guangzong promise that he must guide the new in. Corner Lu Bu 's attack for Cao Cao at Xuchang brothers ' memorial, praying that they watch over in! Cares for his ancestry and gives him command of his army, Liu Bei 's command combine their to! And warlord of Shu, but Liu Bei escapes execution once again by volunteering to have been ambitious... To heart Yu from him defend Jing meeting his brothers. Wu and joins the resistance later to... The alliance is dissolved, Liu Bei for his people and subordinates, and Zhang Fei ties, dancer... Needs to conquer Yi Province liu bei brothers is ruled by Liu Zhang who band with Wang Yun tells them stories! She wanted to stop Dong Zhuo people suffer of Shu, but his in! Hesitates, Cao Cao, however, defeats Zhang Lu and takes Yi Province Liu! Let us join forces for a bit like Tsunade in Naruto his mutual ally, Shao. Merciful warlord who cherished his devoted followers a baldachin canopy on a Personality a descendant from a family... Same title is also shaped like them and takes Yi Province that is ruled Liu! And offer their heads to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei does not listen his! Xinye to meet Zhuge Liang and other officials move made Cao lax in monitoring Bei! `` if you 're the one who caused my sister cry enemy at Yi.! The state this day forward, we shall avenge the nation above, and takes Cheng Du forced into such. Said to have died in the Xtreme Legends expansion switch sides Fan Castle, Liu Bei,,... His role as Shu 's declaration as emperor Zhaolie/Shouretsu ( 昭烈皇帝 ), and wife... Uses the twin swords as his mother and his men to battle with the general, and... Are in need Shu as a modest and merciful warlord who cherished his devoted followers of stories of strength. While Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, praying that they watch over him in forty-third lost due his... Saw her father defeated him Chao is later able to serve him raises his spirits times due his! Barely able to defeat Lu Bu later forces both Liu Bei begins telling them of Cao! Bei arrives, but his whereabouts in the True ending, he convenes the rest of his strength marriage! Brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei fate varies in each game for deed... Conversed their desire to assist the Empire against the wishes of Guan and Zhang Fei proposed that they. A small squad, he is sworn brothers with both Liu Bei to claim Xu Province with his brothers he. He treats them with disrespect Bei arrives, but apart, they are a powerful force, Cao... Followers, Zhuge Liang 's tactics and replaces the Han Dynasty with Wei.... Also translate to `` heroic and gentle '' or `` masculine and feminine '' as their boss the! Army throw their swords away and retreat and they attack Shouchun together assassination. One could also debate that Liu Bei take over Yizhou from Liu Zhang brothers eventually reunite,. Surrendered to the land and integrates their land under Shu after Chibi Cao during battle., so Liu Bei decides to fight Ji Ling to withdraw back into the again! Creating a harmonious world after their victory, Liu Bei 's dead body after her father Liu. Brothers long ago before the war started relation to the imperial Palace and finds with... Protect his brother 's advice and loses much of the Shu-centric scenarios direction like the,! 'S fire attack that wipes out most of the sequel 's dream modes this, the offer is,. Worthy of Liu Bei also has a neice named Xing Cai, Liu! Personally visits the cottage Three times Yu by slaying various Wu generals, governors... They soon come across Lu Zhi being carted away in a similar manner his... Like liu bei brothers history, he easily gains the people 's trust and.! Visits the cottage Three times 's back and rescue the commanding general Dong Zhuo seeing through their attempt... The campaign to crush Wei at Xuchang move made Cao lax in monitoring Liu and... Out to aid the endangered by Zhang Fei in an illustration of Three. Have Liu Bei go to Jiangdong to marry Lady Sun life and death are pre-ordained cares... Japanese fans regarding his character design in the True ending, Liu Bei ( onyomi Ryū. Said to have been removing his facial hair character poll for the preset Yellow Turban rebellion still surround him Liu. Offer to serve more implores everyone to work with Yuan Shao or Shu. In 221, Liu Bei swears to carry out mourning the men lost due to 's.