I just got my open concept kitchen and family room painted Balhoa Mist with white trim. For our ceiling we used White Dove. These painting tools seriously cut my time by 66%. With OC-27, you can see the slightly brown with a lot of gray undertones. It is still considered a light gray paint color (or greige) and will add sophistication to your house! Erin Gates also has some nicely painted gray cabinets in her bathroom–I think they are pretty dark–maybe Chelsea Gray, and in her kitchen I want to say it’s another light gray paint color! Currently the floor is covered with white tarp to protect floors and all windows are covered with plastic. Benjamin Moore’s OC-27 has slightly greener undertones; whereas, Agreeable Gray has a lot of brown and purple in it. Hi Fran! Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray (which is lighter) are what I call the perfect "Transition Colors". It lends warmth to a space while maintaining its airy looks. I love the Revere Gray. Hi Michelle! Revere Pewter can feel just as contemporary as traditional and is perfect for all rooms of … The rooms get a good amount of light during the day. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Was thinking painting them white, but was concerned if that would be too much white? White Dove happened to be the lightest color on the swatch, so we jumped to the darkest color - BM Pale Oak. My living room is large and south facing. ). See how Benjamin Moore’s Revere Gray compares with some of the most popular light gray colors by BM. If you are trying to decide Pale Oak vs. OC-27 then my best advice is to get a sample–the easiest way to do it is through Samplize! I’ve been searching for warmer neutrals. Love a warm light gray; ... One I keep going back to is B.M. I would recommend Revere Pewter in a room that either gets a lot of light, or one that you want to feel cozy and intimate. I told the contractor that if any spaces were dark to use Classic gray. Here are my top two go-to paint colors that complement Revere Pewter: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is so popular because it is a fantastic and versatile warm light gray paint that looks good in pretty much any home, especially open floor plans. So after reading your post I decided to follow your advice and I choose Balboa mist for the living room and Classic gray for the rest of the House. Any input would be appreciated! BM Revere Pewter is a much more saturated color and provides much more drama. Oh good! Although it sounds like your kids have excellent taste too . Hope you can help. What made your final decision to go with Simply White on the Trim? I just bought bedding for the master bedroom and am trying to find the right grey. Sometimes Balboa Mist is mentioned in discussing gray paint options, but it really isn’t a gray. Double sink, updated countertop, white quartz with subtle veining, and 12×24 medium gray ( with white movement in the tile)porcelain tile on the floor. 3. At $5.99 a sample, it cheaper than my going to the paint store, buying samples, brushes, and poster boards. We are painting our new home and looking for a subtle gray/beige. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. I’m so tired of using green everywhere. REVERE PEWTER. It is true to life and won’t leave any residue (nor will it have to fight against your other paint colors on your wall.). What’s your thoughts on a color family for edgecomb? Thanks so much for commenting. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray looks in real homes here. While they might seem like similar light gray colors when you put them head to head you can see how much greener and bluer SW Repose Gray is than Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27. I will try colouring my living room as the blue unit colour of your playroom. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. I have brown wood furniture, a beige, cream & grey oriental carpet & a cream colored sofa, a green swivel chair & a deep red leather swivel chair. Another one of the most popular gray paint colors is Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray. BM Revere Pewter is a much more saturated color and provides much more drama. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Should I use Simply white for the ceiling as well? Edgecomb gray is such a versatile color and I have tempted to paint a few rooms this color. Revere Pewter, and other pewter colors are incredibly versatile paint colors that go with tons of paint colors. I have had bad experiences with that, having Sherwin-Williams color match Simply White from Benjamin Moore and it turned out beige. It pairs nicely with Edgecomb Gray (see examples below) and Repose Gray and is a fantastic gray with nice undertones, and Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt. It’s beautiful. First, let’s compare how BM’s Revere Pewter compares to one of my favorite gray paint colors–Balboa Mist. Plus, it’s way EASIER and LESS MESSY! ), You can also always purchase a Samplize paint sample! Great blog! You can see again, similar to Balboa Mist above, Classic Gray pales in comparison to Revere Pewter. Hi Lesley! Your email address will not be published. We have it in two of our rooms, and never seen a lavender hue. My furniture is cream, off white and grey. We use these abrasive pads everywhere instead of sandpaper. Revere Pewter. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. I’m a mom of four, wife, and DIYer. Do you happen to know the name of the blue? First, what is LRV? BENJAMIN MOORE BALBOA MIST. Hi, Have a quick question. An issue is that I’m trying to tone down the green in my kitchen’s glass tile backsplash. See how it compares to other popular light gray paint colors like Balboa Mist, Revere Pewter, and Classic Gray. Thanks so much for commenting! This helps you visualize what the undertones in a paint color are. The easiest way to see what the undertones are of any paint color is to examine it next to similar shades. My friend whose a designer (without being in my house) recommended edgecomb grey (or nimbus 1439, which is too tan for me and she didn’t mention balboa, found that on my own)for my dining room which is next to the living rom through a wide open space (you see one from the other) My furniture is medium dark with reddish brown tones. It is a fantastic greige if you are looking for a gray that is warmer and has more saturation and is the most popular pewter color. The higher the number, the more light it reflects. Is it possible that something underneath is still showing? While BM’s Pale Oak is airier, BM’s Revere Pewter is more dramatic and would provide a nice contrast to some nice white trim or wainscoting! I prefer it in darker rooms. The Mouse’s Back was beautiful at night but greenish during the day. I was wondering if someone had any ideas. Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray. If there’s a more complementary duo, I can’t think of one! I like Revere Pewter but I think it will be too dark in some of our rooms. Custom White & Benjamin Moore Deep Royal. Help!! It’s the best way to see what the paint colors will really look like on your walls without painting samples everywhere (plus you don’t have to contend with trying to cover up the paint underneath! "My go-to cool neutral is Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist. Below, I’ve created a custom color palette. We use these abrasive pads everywhere instead of sandpaper. Feb 5, 2017 - Benjamin Moore balboa mist VS Edgecomb Gray vs revere pewter VS gray owl VS Stonington Gray in a Northern lighting kitchen with sunlight only (makes cupboards show more pink/orange than yellow) Hi Annie, Annie, Do you think Balboa will still work? LRV is light reflectance value (or how much light a certain color reflects.) If not, do you happen to know any blues that go well with balboa mist? Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter also pairs very nicely with the deep and dramatic Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray. Things might change. It is darker than most of the colors I use in my house; but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic color to use! ... "My go-to cool neutral is Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist. I wish I could be there with you and help you out! How would that look??? I’m serious Considering it for kitchen cabinets. I had custom kitchen cabinets painted Balboa Mist, they arrive in a few days. You can see how it is more saturated and has more taupe and beige in it than Balboa Mist does. NEW FREEBIE! You are going to want this if you have wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors that you want to protect. I wish BM would have videos and more insight on tones that relate within that 2nd to 3rd rage of options that customers may have trouble comparing. Thank you! While I haven’t used it in my own home, several of my friends have used it in theirs (see them in the post here). I would love to pair balboa mist with a blue accent colour. They are two very different paint colors. Great Post! Aug 15, 2019 - Is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter the right paint color for your home? Here’s everything you need to know about BM’s Revere Pewter, its undertones, what it looks like in real rooms, and how it compares to similar gray and other “greige” paint colors,  PLUS why it’s the most popular pewter color. Sherwin Williams Cityscape. I only wish I knew about them and made the under $10 purchase before! Balboa Mist is arguably one of the most popular colours. However, when choosing a gray paint colour, you have to pay EXTRA close attention to the undertones. Are you looking for a gray that is a soft and subtle, with a feather light feeling? It’s a neutral, for sure. Just wondering if anyone has painted the outside of their home in this color? Hi. It reads more “taupe” than Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist, which by comparison seems more greenish. Classic Gray, on the other hand, is a great light gray color which I like to think is a go-anywhere and blend in with the surroundings. Currently I think I have BM Manchester Tan with dark forest green shutter and door. I love grey and griege colors and my husband is skeptical and is not a fan of anything really grey, he likes warmer tones. It requires no schlepping to the paint store, no washing paintbrushes, and no wondering if you painted enough (ensuring you have a true representation of the color…). Your email address will not be published. For reference, most white paint colors have LRVs between 80-95. PIN THIS FOR LATER SO YOU DON’T FORGET IT! Also are you familiar with drop cloth (F & B). See my top tips on creating a whole house color scheme here. Stonington Gray – Benjamin Moore / photo source 1. Benjamin Moore White Dove (a nice soft white), Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray or Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, You also don’t want to attempt to paint without this. That is my favorite trick for getting a good idea of what it will look like! My countertops are quartzite Taj Mahal and floors are Arizona Tile/ Reside beige for refererence. BM Edgecomb gray & balboa mist - both turned purple. See my complete review of Benjamin Moore Classic Gray here. Hi. In my mother-in-law’s house, she has a lot of green, orange, and red accents with wood trim, and lots of wood furniture. I too love BM Revere Pewter, but it went way too light in the guest room due to lots of natural light. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Required fields are marked *. Help! But you have to know how they differ. Balboa Mist is a light gray but it is not too light. Presently I have Mouse’s Back in my foyer which is large and open to my livingroom. SW Natural Tan - turns almost a pink/purple color. There was an error submitting your subscription. The great quality about this color is that different tones come through at different times of day, or as you change the light source, so it works well with a variety of color palettes." See how it compares to similar gray paint colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams below with the side-by-side paint chips. They run about $5 and save you the hassle of painting (and cost about what a test size paint can does!). Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore / photo source 6. I usually go with flat but i hear eggshell is a good finish for easy clean up but i don’t want it to look shiny…. Agreeable Gray is a darker paint color but is warmer in tone (this is reflected in the LRVs below as well! That is the only thing I can think of. See it here, and my favorite Gray Paint Colors. But, the best way to see a paint’s undertones is to get a sample and see it in your own home. Thank you! Compared to Balboa Mist, Pale Oak is slightly less concentrated and while it’s hard to see (even in the graphic below comparing Pale Oak vs. Balboa Mist paint swatches), Pale Oak read slightly more brownish to me.