The polymer belongs to polyketone family of polymers (PEK, PEEK, PEEKK, … PEEK is a semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures. Kormax PEEK has excellent chemical resistance and at high temperatures retains most of its physical properties. grade PEEK is black or dark grey in color. Novel Spine Device on its Plasmapore®XP Surface. Choose from our selection of PEEK sheets, including over 120 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can find the Technical Data Sheet for Luvocom® 3F PEEK 9581 filament here. Title: Peek 1000 Safety Data Sheet Author: Subject: Provides material safety data for Peek 1000 rod and sheet Keywords: peek, 1000, safety, data, sheet Physical Properties Standard Unit Metric Density ISO 1183 g/cc 1.30 Mechanical Properties Standard Unit Metric Tensile Strength ISO 527 MPa 100 Tensile Modulus ISO 527 MPa 3720 Tenax®-E TPUD PEEK-HTS45. In addition to unfilled PEEK natural which is beige-brown in color, a black pigmented version of PEEK is also available. Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions™. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA ShEET PEEK Notes: All information recommendations and suggestions appearing herein concerning this product are based upon data obtained from the manufacturer and/or recognized technical sources. Peek Plastic Plastic Peek Peek5600cf30 Carbon Fiber Peek Sheet , Find Complete Details about Peek Plastic Plastic Peek Peek5600cf30 Carbon Fiber Peek Sheet,Carbon Fiber Peek,Peek Plastic,Plastic Peek from Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiangsu Junhua High Performance Specialty Engineering Plastics (Peek) Products Co., Ltd. The suitability of Ketron GF30 PEEK for sliding parts, however, is to be carefully examined since the glass fibers tend to abrade the mating surface. It is available in rod, plate, and tube in … TECAPEEK black is manufactured by Ensinger and may use Victrex® PEEK 450G or Solvay Ketaspire® KT-820 polymer. Mechanical Benchmark of Carbon Fiber PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced vs Ti 6AI-4V Plates undergoing Static and Dynamic Testing per ASTM F382-99 (2008). It can also be used in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties. The data listed here fall within the normal range of product properties of dry material. The company has 16 patents: one slim PEEK sheet continuous extrusion production equipment; a PEEK pipe production technology and a equipment for rotor and preparation methods. To see MatWeb's complete data sheet for this material (including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etc), please click the button below. Radiation resistance is also exceptional for a plastic material; it can absorb over 1000 units of radiation with no appreciable loss of mechanical properties. PEEK Material One of the most popular high performance plastic materials currently on the market is PEEK or polyetheretherkatone. ... and it is a naturally low friction material. Polyetheretherketone refers to a semi-crystalline organic polymer thermoplastic exhibiting a highly stable chemical structure. The Young's modulus is 3.6 GPa and its tensile strength 90 to 100 MPa. Material characterization: Polyetheretherketone [PEEK] 3. When it comes to high temperature its short term operating temperature is 300°C - 40 degrees more than PTFE – that’s 15% higher. You can find the Material Safety Data Sheet for Luvocom® 3F PEEK 9581 Filament here. This rigid opaque (grey) material offers a unique combination of mechanical properties, resistance to chemicals, wear, fatigue and creep as well as exceptionally high temperature resistance, up to 260°C (480°F). TYPICAL PROPERTIES of EXTRUDED PEEK 2 Data obtained from Invibio® PEEK-OPTIMA® Natural data sheet (INV-TS-PN-E-0087-A October 2013). Other Specialty Grades Now Available: high-temperature PEEK HT, bearing grade Ketron HPV, static-dissipative Semitron ESd 480, Ceramic-Filled PEEK, and T-Series PEEK-PBI ( also, these new medical grades: PEEK-LSG, PEEK-CA30 LSG, PEEK-GF30 LSG and PEEK-CLASSIX LSG. ) It is extruded in sheet, rod and tube that may use Victrex® PEEK 450G or Solvay KetaSpire® KT-820 polymer. 2. Material Data Sheets. Torlon PAI 5060 – Data Sheet Download; Torlon 5030 – Comprehensive Overview. Support 1-800-444-3485 Toggle navigation April 17th, 2017 | Categories: PEEk Polymer | 0 Comments. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline, high-performance engineering thermoplastic. Torlon 4203 – Data Sheet Download; Torlon 5060 – Comprehensive Overview. Its excellent ... this table is a valuable help in the choice of a material. Classix™ LSG Peek Data Sheet ... Why PEEK? Boedeker offers PEEK Plastic Grades in Sheet, Rod & Tube, in Stock, Cut to Size, Same Day Shipping, PEEK Machined Parts & Tech. Overview: Kormax PEEK [technical name Poly Ether Ether Ketone] is a high-performance thermoplastic. It is chemically a polyether ketone (PEK) polymer offering higher temperature performance than traditional PEEK based materials. 1. TDS & MSDS of PTFE Products Technical Data Sheet - TDS - Physical Properties of PTFE & Filled Grades of PTFE Products. KETRON® PEEK-CA30 >> POLYETHERETHERKETONE [PEEK-CF30] PRODUCT DATA SHEET KETRON® is a registered trade mark of Quadrant AG - ... • This table is a valuable help in the choice of a material. The Luvocom 3F PEEK 9581 Filament produced by 3D 4 MAKERS meets the European RoHS and REACH guidelines. The data listed here fall within the normal range of product properties of dry material. Ketron ® HPV PEEK PRODUCT DATA SHEET T The addition of carbon fibres, PTFE and graphite to virgin PEEK results in a Ketron® PEEK “bearing grade”. 0507 Rev F EFFECTIVE DATE: 4/1/18 TEIJIN CARBON AMERICA, INC. 121 Cardiff Valley Road, Rockwood, TN 37854 USA . We bring transformational solutions that address world material challenges every day. From the invention of PEEK over 40 years ago, Victrex has continually pioneered new PAEK-based polymers, materials and solutions that have transformed markets, delivering global impact in the toughest environments. TDS. PEEK Material Specifications PEEK grades are recognized as having superior balance of chemical and hydrolysis resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures. PEEK black. Quadrant EPP Ketron® GF30 PEEK 30% GF, Polyetheretherketone, 30% glass reinforced, extruded (ASTM Product Data Sheet) Quadrant EPP Ketron® CA30 LSG PEEK, Biocompatibility tested (ASTM Product Data Sheet) Quadrant EPP Ketron® LSG GF30 PEEK + glass fibres, LSG grade, extruded (ISO Data) This product is considered nonhazardous in the form shipped.- ... Tenax®-E TPWF PEEK-HTA40 . Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions™. PEEK material (chemically known as polyetheretherketone) is manufactured by Ensinger in standard stock shapes for machining. PEEK HT is an even higher performance polyketone polymer than unfilled PEEK. Before handling, read product and material safety data sheets and container labels for safe use, physical health and hazard information. PEEK is a unique semi crystalline, engineering thermoplastic that also offers excellent chemical compatibility. Product Data Sheet; Product Handling Information Sheet SDS NO. Read More. In stock and ready to ship. Material Data Sheet Product: Polyetheretherketone Base Material: Film Typical Properties The information presented in this publication is believed to be accurate and is not intended to constitute a specification. The physical properties such as Density (ASTM-D-792), Tensile Strength & Elongation (ASTM-D-638), Compressive Strength (ASTM-D-695), Deformation under Load (ASTM-D-621), Impact Strength (ASTM-D-256), Hardness (ASTM-D-2240), Coefficient of Friction (ASTM-D … ... Advanced Materials products (product data sheets, delivery programme, machining instructions, chemical resistance, regulatory information …) as well as for our statements concerning the European Regulation (EC) No ... Ketron LSG PEEK - Product Handling Information Sheet - English The values given reflect average material characteristics and may vary slightly between base suppliers. Tenax®-E TPUD PEEK-IMS65. Peek 1000 Technical Properties Data Sheet Author: Subject: Provides technical data and properties for Peek 1000 rod, sheet and tube Keywords: peek, 450G, 1000, technical, data, sheet, properties, information Created Date: 4/28/2011 11:04:24 AM Kormax PEEK natural has FDA approval for direct contact with food and has low flammability [V0] rating. The processing conditions used to mold PEEK can influence the crystallinity, and hence the mechanical properties. But what makes PEEK such a dynamic material? Because this material is biocompatible, inert to body fluids and. ... Alongside this Elekem can customise the material blend to suit particular application needs by means of adding suitable fillers and additives. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the Safety, Toxicity and suitability of his/her own use, handling and disposal request. Consequently that gives it an edge over other materials. Unreinforced, extruded PEEK offers good wear resistance and can be used continuously to 480°F (250°C). This grade is very appropriate for structural applications carrying high static loads for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. Physical Properties Units Test Unfilled CMF EPM-204U-W GF30 Density lb/in³ g/cm³ D792 0.047 1.31 0.059 1.64 0.055 1.51 0.056 1.54 Water Absorption, 24 hrs. Kormax PEEK natural is a light brown colour and […] Material-Data-Sheet Material: Polyetheretherketon PEEK-GL Stand 05/2020 Licharz GmbH Industriepark Nord 13, D-53567 Buchholz Volksbank Bonn, BLZ: 380 601 86, Konto: 800 054 010 1 Data obtained from Solvay Zeniva® ZA-500 data sheet (dated July 14, 2015). Property Data; This page displays only the text of a material data sheet. CALL 855.839.3500 OR VISIT SINTX.COM TO DISCOVER WHY MATERIAL MATTERS. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET . PA, PC, PET, PEEK, PPS) SO1458 PROPERTIES REGULATORY STATUS INCI, TSCA HANDLING PRECAUTIONS Product safety information required for safe use is not included in this document. This product data sheet and any data and specifications presented on our website shall provide promotional and general information about the Engineering Plastic Products (the "Products") manufactured and ... this table is a valuable help in the choice of a material. Tenax®-E TPWF PEEK-IMS65. 17 04, 2017. Its higher temperature advantage results from a higher glass transition temperature than other PEEK based polymers. PEEK rods, PEEK tubes, and PEEK sheets can be used for thousands of hours at high temperature in steam or high pressure water environments with no significant degradation in properties. MSDS. PEEK sheet material has a high hardness - 53% harder than Acetal – and it has 36% more tensile strength than nylon 6, 6 and is almost 60% stiffer! PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) PEEK grades offer chemical and hydrolysis resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures.