There are many different numbers of chemical reactions in our day to day life that we notice. 10 Examples of Motion in Real Life. Nuclear Energy in Everyday Life Figure 2: The spectrum of electromagnetic radiation Gamma raysare waves of energy similar to light, but they have much higher en: - ergy and can travel great distance through air. EXPLORE THE MANY BENEFITS THAT ELECTROPLATING CAN PROVIDE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. To perform mass plating, a barrel is loaded with parts and then placed inside a container, which is filled with the coating material. ∙ Electroplating is an art of protecting metal surface from corrosion and giving it pleasant appearance. (ii) It is treated by adding lime to neutralise it before it is discharged into rivers and streams. Metals are a very crucial resource for our life and income. By electroplatingservic Watch. 0 Comments. 6 Examples Of Ohm’s Law In Everyday Life. We often tend to see a flaky brown coloured layer that appears on the surface of several iron items, for example, the bodies of vehicles, gates, etc. They are very penetrating and require shielding of concrete or lead plating to stop them. Electroplating on a commercial scale was begun about 1840–41 and was accelerated by the discovery of cyanide solutions for plating silver, gold, copper, and brass. Laws of Thermodynamics. Mass plating is one of the types of electroplating that is used to plate a large volume of components in little to no time. ∙ A crude metal is likely top get corroded in an environmental condition which is why electroplating is used. (i) Effluents from the electroplating industry contain acids such as sulphuric acid. 10 Examples of Inertia in Daily Life. By keeping this formula in mind, let us take a few examples where we observe kinetic energy in our day-to-day life. Electroplating has thousands of uses especially in industry. (b) To treat acidic gas (i) In energy industry, power stations burn fossil fuels such as coal to produce electricity. It is difficult to picture a world without metals. 26K Views. 1. The Uses of Electroplating in out Daily Life. Types of Electroplating Mass plating. It is also used in decorative and jewelry industries extensively as well. Add to Favourites. 5 Uses of Chromium in Everyday Life - Based on its physical and chemical properties, chromium is widely used in many industries. Over the years, we have developed and perfected our industrial electroplating processes that make use of various metals and metal alloys to achieve the desired result for our … ... 10 Daily Life Examples Of Electroplating. ∙ It is the application of metallic coating on metallic or non - metallic surfaces through electrolysis. 0 Favourites. Jan 28, 2015 3 min read. A cyanide-copper solution, for example, gave adherent deposits of copper directly on iron and steel. Better appearance: this one of the most common method used for everyday life coating. Common Chemical Reactions in Everyday Life. A generator will supply electric current to lessen the amount of dissolved metal cations. Explain the applications of electroplating in day to day life Describe the process that is used to carry out purification of copper Appreciate how the process of electroplating helps to coat a layer of more expensive metal over an object made of a cheaper metal thus giving it an expensive look. Sharretts Plating Company has been providing a wide range of industry-best metal finishing and plating solutions since 1925. Comment. In order to apply chromium on metallic surfaces, electroplating technique is suggested. Plastic for example can be electroplated on copper or aluminum for protection from shocks. Unshielded Gamma rays are harm-