Apple Carrot Orange Smoothie. With this cold busting orange carrot smoothie that’s nourishing, zippy and creamy! 5 from 1 vote. Place all ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth! Print. November 6, 2020 1 rater(s) Rate it now! This cold busting orange carrot smoothie is nourishing, zippy and creamy! Watch the video below! Refreshing Portugal (citrus) Prosecco Sorbet. Antioxidant and phytonutrient-packed! How to make an orange carrot smoothie: Like with all of my veggie smoothie recipes, I start with a base of frozen fruit – here I used pineapple. If there was ever a time that our bodies needed to detox, the New Year would be it. Total Time. It’s a great immune booster, too! Allrecipes has more than 140 trusted orange smoothie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and tips. This is dairy-free, nutrient and vitamin (esp. Serves 2. In addition to being a refreshing option, the combination of carrot, orange, and ginger provides more vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants. Free shipping on US orders over $65. Brighten up your day with this recipe for an Orange Carrot Smoothie Bowl. CARROT GINGER TURMERIC SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS Add more juice if you prefer a thinner consistency. This carrot and apple smoothie is creamy and has a light tropical flavor thanks to coconut milk. Next … The turmeric, fresh or dried, gives the smoothie a vibrant bright orange color. Total Time 5 mins. Dress it up with your favorite toppings & enjoy! Our son, The Fruitarian, is fully enjoying his high school experience. 0H0M. Let’s continue this week of cold fighting recipes, shall we? Healthy; serves: 2 Skill: easy: Prep: 10 min We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. The Ultimate Sorrel (Roselle) Jelly. 3 from 2 votes. It's naturally sweetened from the carrots and apple, and the combination of ginger and lemon juice adds just a bit of spice and helps balance the flavor. Refreshing Sorrel Lemonade. Blend until smooth and slushy. Ingredients: 4 whole organic carrots 1 organic orange 1 organic banana A few slices of fresh organic pineapple 1/2 cup of water Instructions: Slice up the carrots, orange, banana and pineapple and place into your blender or NutriBullet Add 1/2 cup of wate… This healthy smoothie is a great way to start the day! Doctor’s orders! Very, VERY tasty! dense, low calorie (76 per serving), and soothing for a burning throat/congested nose. Today’s recipe, Ginger Turmeric Smoothie, is inspired by that drink. And if you like to change up your smoothie game, head on over here for lots of other easy smoothie recipes! Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie, a Jamba Juice “Fruit & Veggie” smoothie recipe, provides a nutritionally superior blend of fruits and vegetable juice.Loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, and ever so healthy beta-carotene, this orange-carrot concoction will truly enhance your physical karma. Carrots are also a rich source of vitamin A, and a good source of biotin, vitamin K, potassium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Chop up a carrot or two to bump up the fiber in your smoothie.. Orange Juice. This did not disappoint. 0H03M. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. Orange Carrot Persimmon Smoothie. Antioxidant-Rich Orange Carrot Smoothie. Member Recipes for Carrot And Orange Smoothie (no ratings) Sick Person Smoothie w/ Ginger, Carrot, Apple, Cranberry, and Orange. Learn how to make a refreshing carrot smoothie with apple and orange juice. Dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Carrot, orange and apple booster smoothie recipe. Rate. Carrot, orange, and ginger smoothie. Serves: 1 Person. Blend, adding frozen blueberries gradually and stirring if needed, until smooth. Protein Orange Carrot Smoothie Recipe. Preparation Time. 2 inch slice of fresh ginger It was like a juicy orange exploding in my mouth!!! Share: Previous Post Cantaloupe Cucumber Kale Smoothie. Add anti-inflammatory ginger and fiber-rich carrots to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a vibrant treat that’ll add a spring to your step! Prep: 5 minutes. Thank you. It is naturally sweetened with oranges and sweet carrots. Hi Dana – THANK YOU! Carrot Juice. Orange, carrot and ginger HOT smoothie - a quick and healthy hot smoothie for a cold day. Containing superpower fruits and vegetables, this smoothie is full of immune-boosting vitamins and antioxidants. It is a dairy-free carrot-based smoothie that is flavored with oranges, fresh ginger, and ground turmeric. … I went looking for carrot smoothie recipes last night because I bought an enormous bag of carrots. 0H3M. You can consider making this recipe on hot days! 3 carrots; 4 oranges; 1 slice of fresh ginger Try this easy Orange Carrot Smoothie recipe today! Average Rating. Servings 1 smoothie. Orange Carrot Smoothie; this smoothie recipe uses only fruits and vegetables. I was searching for a simple smoothie recipe that would help with my mothers chemo side effect (Nausea) – this is perfect! Ingredients 1 Cup Ice cubes 3/4 Cup Orange juice 1/3 Cup Carrot, sliced 1 tsp Fresh ginger, minced Honey (Optional and to taste) Instructions. Add a pop of color to your healthy diet with this bright orange smoothie! A reader recently requested we try our hand at a carrot cake smoothie, so we jumped on the challenge and came up with this 5-minute, 7-ingredient recipe!. By: Nicky Corbishley. Blend, adding frozen blueberries gradually and stirring if needed, until smooth. July 23, 2019 at 9:24 am. It took a little tweaking with the recipe; but I finally settled on adding carrots to make an orange and carrot smoothie. I blended up this super simple Apple Carrot Orange Smoothie, and added some boosting spices as well, such as ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Oct 5, 2014 - Brighten up your day with this delicious orange carrot smoothie. Click to rate (0 ratings) Sending your rating. I did add peach yogurt instead of greek because I had that on hand and then added a little almond coconut milk and ice. Reply. Just 5 simple ingredients and a high-powered blender is all you need. 2016-08-24. GoodtoKnow November 9, 2016 7:00 am. Enjoy the bright nutrition of this orange carrot ginger smoothie. Share Ingredients. Packed with ginger, mango, orange and carrot, it can help keep your immune system healthy and makes for a delicious snack or breakfast. Course Breakfast. Apple Carrot Beet Smoothie Recipe Video. Cuisine British. Recipe Orange Carrot Smoothie with Ginger. It’s creamy, satisfying, and reminiscent of everyone’s favorite springtime treat: Carrot Cake!Let us show you how … Have you been looking for an insanely delicious smoothie that incorporates some of falls best flavors? Well, you just found it! Add in carrot puree and orange juice to make for immunity boosting concotion your kids will love. Apple Carrot Beet Smoothie Ingredients . Ingredients. Want to see how easy it is to make this smoothie? This citrusy smoothie is light, refreshing, and perfect for warm summer days. C + A!) This carrot orange smoothie recipe is perfect for that as it is is packed with antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C! Prep Time 5 mins. Put orange juice, yogurt, carrot, banana, mango, orange and ice into a blender. ginger, apple, orange juice, carrot, orange pepper Dark Chocolate Orange Smoothie {Vegan + Sugar free} The Macadames raw cacao, vanilla extract, raw honey, orange juice, Orange, milk and 3 more Made with real, whole food ingredients like bananas, carrots, cashew butter and coconut milk made with The NutraMilk, orange juice & pineapple, this smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast or lunch. If you feel like adding more nutrients and want a subtly spicy flavor, add a knob of fresh ginger root to the smoothie. If you need to increase your vitamin A and vitamin C intake, you clicked on the right recipe. Ingredients … Support @ Minimalist Baker says. This super simple smoothie is a great recipe for beginners, as it only calls for kale, pineapple, banana, carrot juice and maca powder. Both also provide a hefty dose of immune-supporting nutrients, something that’s definitely needed during flu and cold season. Here’s what’s in this smoothie: Red Beet: adds a sweet and earthy flavor and ruby-red color; you can use a yellow beet instead for a golden-colored juice. Calories 194 kcal. This smoothie was quite delicious! Orange Carrot Ginger Smoothie. I usually do celery with nut butter to get some healthy fat in with my fruit smoothie. Sweet peaches and tangy citrus fruits deliver a burst of antioxidants to help you feel great from the inside out. Not only did it taste good, it was super easy to make (I opted for pre made organic carrot juice) and tossed in an extra 1/2 of a banana (for extra potassium). Cook Time. The beautiful orange color comes from antioxidant nutrients called carotenoids, especially beta-carotene. 3.5 Based on 3 Review(s) You may also enjoy: Pineapple Jam Recipe. Maca’s nutty, sweet taste makes it … 2 organic carrots, washed, but not peeled (if not using organic, peel) 2 organic oranges, peeled. Combine spinach, orange juice, carrot, protein powder, and ginger in a blender. Energy Glow High Protein Low Calorie. This is a variation of the classic recipe. Have one a day for a week at least, or more if needed. The naturally sweet oranges and earthy carrots complement each other nicely while giving the smoothie a beautiful orange color. Carrot Orange Sunshine Smoothie The Tasty Bite carrot juice, frozen mango, honey, nonfat yogurt, orange juice and 1 more Carrot-Ginger-Orange Smoothie Popsugar - Australia Rate this Recipe Print Recipe Pin Recipe. I learned how to "juice" with my blender while working on a Montel Williams segment. Published On . Looking for orange smoothie recipes? Total: 5 minutes. June 24, 2020 3 rater(s) Rate it now! Ingredients. The Orange Carrot and Ginger Hot smoothie Recipe: Orange Carrot and Ginger HOT smoothie.